Each decade, a dominant theme drives growth in technology companies. These themes are often driven by the intersection of economic, social and technology trends that cause the disruption of the status quo and the decline of predecessor companies that created it.
Crossroads Ventures is focused on what we believe is the next set of disruptive trends. We believe two forces are at work to create this:

  • Frictionless distribution
  • Elastic business models

Frictionless distribution: The Internet and Mobile sectors provide access to over 3 billion customers and close to 95% of all businesses. This scale of reach, when coupled with the ability to bypass traditional sales channels and connect to potential customers at near zero cost, enables emerging companies to achieve frictionless distribution of products/services and level the playing field with entrenched incumbents.
Elastic business models: It is now possible to outsource almost any corporate service, including development, marketing, sales and finance. That, plus the commoditization and standardization of hardware and software has enabled low cost, by-the-drink delivery of products and services over the internet. Emerging companies no longer need the large capital investments that incumbents required to achieve scale. Expenses can be scaled in synch with the degree of market traction achieved, and large rigid infrastructure can be avoided. Utilizing these advantages, new companies can raise less capital, introduce market responsive products more quickly and employ disruptive pricing to gain significant market share.
Crossroads Ventures partners with passionate entrepreneurs who embrace and harness these forces to build disruptive companies in the IT and Media markets.
Portfolio of Relationships and Investments

Over the past decade we have had the opportunity to partner and invest in more than 30 outstanding companies and entrepreneurs. While the companies are quite diverse they share a common theme of being powered by passionate entrepreneurs bringing industry leading products to market. The breadth and flavor of these companies can be seen in this representative (but not exhaustive) list.

Brightmail, San Francisco, CA (Acquired by Symantec - Nasdaq: SYMC) - Enterprise Anti-Spam

Brightmail pioneered enterprise level anti-spam protection. Their industry-leading anti-spam technology protects the networks of enterprises, service providers, and wireless carriers by filtering spam, viruses and undesired messages at the Internet gateway

Clickshift, Menlo Park, CA (Acquired by Web Trends) - Advertising Optimization

Clickshift provides a completely ROI driven approach to Multi-Channel Online Marketing Automation. Their Dynamic Search is the industry's most sophisticated SEM solution that delivers superior optimization. It automatically manages, optimizes and profitably expands clients entire paid search advertising portfolio across the major search networks, all in real time, to achieve specific business objectives.

Global Building Modules (GBM), New York, NY - Modular Buildings

GBM is a manufacturer and builder of high design/low cost modular buildings based upon standard shipping container technology. With offices in London and New York, GBM is poised to make a major impact upon the construction industries around the world. GBM offers a simple value proposition: high design, high quality, and high performance alternative to conventional construction with a significant savings in cost and time.

Insider Pages, Pasadena, CA (Acquired by City Search NASDQ - IACI) - Local Search

A pioneer in local search space, Insider Pages was created to help people find the best local businesses through recommendations from their friends and neighbors. At InsiderPages.com, people share reviews of local businesses and find great services they can trust.

New.net, Pasadena, CA (acquired by Vendare Media) - Domain Marketing Services

A leading provider of domain marketing services and alternative domain registration. Having pioneered alternative domain registration, the company was in a unique position to also be one of the first to market with service such as direct navigation, domain reselling and domain parking monetization.

X1, Pasadena, CA - Enterprise Search

X1 pioneered desktop centric enterprise search. The product features the patented fast-as-you-type searching, intuitive interface, file and email previewing, as well as saved searches and the ability to act on the found email or files. PC Magazine awarded X1's flagship product, X1 Desktop Edition, their "Best of 2004" award-commenting, "We at PC Magazine are addicted to X1."

Personal Bee, San Francisco, CA (acquired by Technorati) - News Discovery Engine

The company provides technology that enables sophisticated analysis and filtering of the information coming from the torrent of blogs and mainstream news sites, for "Beekeepers". The Beekeepers" can be anyone from professional journalists to amateur bloggers, but share the common attributes of having passion for a topic and a desire to provide a unique editorial voice. They take the analyzed streams of information, then using other tools the company provides, further filter, prioritize, add comments and foster discussions around topics. Readers now have a choice to subscribe to feeds not just based on interesting topics, but on the editorial value and view provided by the “Beekeeper” as well.

Snap, Pasadena, CA -Search Engine

Snap.com, is dedicated to getting users to results they really want faster. Snap.com delivers superior relevance and visual, rich and interactive search results to broadband users, and offers risk-free, flexible Cost-Per-Action advertising with unmatched ROI to advertisers. The company's Snap Shots service is an open platform for delivering contextually relevant content such as stock quotes, streaming audio or video, product information and more, directly to users as they browse the web.

Trufina, McLean, VA - Online Identity Verification and Management

Trufina's products are designed to enable consumers to verify, share and control their online identity and personal information. Users get to decide who has access to what information and when. This allows the establishment of trust in a variety of online interactions, everything from dating, to blogging and ecommerce. Trufina's mission is to restore trust in online interactions by providing individuals and businesses the identity tools to make online transactions and communication safe and secure.

Sahale Snacks, Seattle, WA - Hi-tech, organic snacks

Sahale Snacks was founded in 2003 by Josh Schroeter and Edmond Sanctis after climbing Mt. Rainier and enduring days of uninspiring trail mix and energy bars. The two set out to create a natural and healthy snack that tasted like great food. The Company follows a simple product philosophy: start with all-natural ingredients, add a dash of "culinary magic" and produce great tasting healthy snacks. Sahale Snacks is dedicated to helping people "Snack Better."

Winner of Health Magazine's "Best of Food" award in the snack category in 2006, Sahale Snacks produces unique products that intersect important consumer trends in natural and gourmet foods. The Sahale Snacks branded line of six nut blends combines nuts and fruit with ingredients inspired by regional cuisines, such as Moroccan Harissa and Chipotle. This product line captured the top four positions in the all-natural trail mix category among 134 SKUs within two years of launch, according to SPINS, a leading provider of information on the natural products industry.

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